The used synthesis facility wich produces these unique diamonds, is indeed a real power package. Its capacity is required at maximum when generating diamonds: the machine is able to generate a heat of 2'500 degrees Celsius and an immense pressure of up to 60'000 bar. Technically speaking this process is called HPHT (High Pressure/High Temperature) one-crystal synthesis.



The first step of production is to extract the different potassic and calcium compounds (about 85% of the ash volume) from the carbon by means of chemical and physical procedures. In this process the salts are solubilized, chemically cut, admixed with inert gas and afterwards anew ignited. The carbon gained in this procedure forms the basis for the subsequent synthesis in that especially constructed synthesis facility..
Depending on the size (weight) of the requested stone the so gained carbon will be exposed to high pressure and temperature for weeks; the diamond begins to grow - atom by atom.

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For the synthesis the whole cremation ashes can be used, however there is only an original amount of 500gr of cremation ashes needed - independent of the weight of the subsequent diamond. During the preparation process the remnant can be steered, hence more than one diamond can be produced..

According to the general conditions the cremation ashes not used in the process can be retained in order to entomb it in an urn or to scatter it. In either case the requests of the bereaved as well as the last will of the deceased will be regarded.


Finally the raw diamond will be cut and polished in the desired shape and weight. On request the memorial diamond can be individually engraved in micro scripture by means of laser inscription.

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